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A scary, yet exciting time in my life.

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I have always wanted to run my own company in a field that I love… well, the opportunity unexpectedly presented itself the beginning December:).  I know it has been a short time in the larger picture, but it has seemed like an eternity for me.  So much to get done and get organized, but luckily with a few awesome mentors, I was able to get some great advice and reassurance.  My biggest fan and supporter have been my wife. Although the idea of owning a company is not new to her, it has always been just that… an idea.  There are big risks and a lot of considerations when venturing out, half of which I am sure I have yet to encounter. I feel confident that together we can make this happen. I feel that this is the ‘right’ time to follow the dream.

So, what will I be doing you ask?  A Donut shop (I do love good donuts)? A drone flight school (maybe on the next venture)?  While both prospects are something I love, my true work love is in the digital forensics community.  This is where I find my passion surface.  I love to pass the knowledge I have learned on to others and seek solutions to obstacles that challenge us. I will talk more about the ‘what’ later.

Over the past several years I have met some amazing people in the industry.  They have influenced me without even knowing. You see, I am a passionate ‘people watcher’. Grabbing the good, passing by the bad (trying to).  I am not saying I haven’t made my share of mistakes, I have, but I like to see them as something gained. By that I mean even failures, regrets and mistakes teach me how I can be better, so don’t let those key learning experiences pass you by (there was my tip of the day).  So, without listing everyone in a “Thank You” section, know this…  If you have ever had a conversation with me, attended a class or lecture where I presented, emailed me with a question, or stopped by a booth I was working, know this… I learned something from you.  Thank you.  For those of you that knew about this venture and offered your support and advice over the past couple of months, I am blessed to have you a part of my life…  also, expect more calls from me as you didn’t get out of helping me that easily 🙂

I see the challenges examiners and investigators have in our field every day.  There isn’t a day that doesn’t pass by where the media isn’t reporting some tragic cyber event and unfortunately pointing a finger of fault.  Those of us in the industry of digital forensics, cybersecurity, data protection, or whatever you want to call it, we know that these events WILL HAPPEN and continue to happen.  This is why we wear seat belts is it not?  We do out best to foresee pitfalls and then protect ourselves against them.  The car has a plethora of protections in place to help keep us safe, but the most import key to that vast array of protections is the knowledge and skill of the driver.  It comes down to being aware of the possible events that could occur at any given moment.  I mean, we don’t drive down the road with our eyes closed right… unless you are 16 and do it on a peer dare…  I fear for my kids as they get older… I did some dumb things.  Anyway, you understand what I am saying.

The solutions are with the people understanding the technology, potential pitfalls, and learning the skills to be “a better driver”.  To give the most basic answer I can to the “what” I will be doing…  I give solutions to people.  Now, there is a long list of services that go along with that answer and I have tried to outline them as best I can on my website, which will be a continuously evolving entity (it has been the bane of my existence for a few weeks).

To accomplish success, true partnerships with clients need forging.  That reminds me of a saying I heard someone say once…  Yes, sidetracked by a story…  I was on SWAT for a couple of years and did a short time in the USMC.  I remember a seasoned veteran telling me that if you ever find yourself in the heat of battle or hostile situation, what do you think drives us to do what we do?  Is it a duty, call to service, patriotism, to help others?  It is none of those things at the moment…  It is for those people standing right there with you.  I know that went to the extreme, but I have never forgotten that or the importance of those “with you”.  That is why I know building strong partnerships and trust will be the key to success for my clients and my business.

I just realized…  I haven’t mentioned the name yet.  I do have to explain the name first and this cannot pass by without another quick story.  Picking a business name was probably one of the most difficult parts of the process, luckily this is something I have been thinking about a long time (remember.. my dream).  I simply took the first two letters of my children first names, in the order of their birth and the name AVAIRY was born.  Knowing that doesn’t really say what I do, AVAIRY Forensic Solutions was the final decision.  After a few times saying “A-Very”, we decided that was a keeper.  Heck, I even had a logo made (and hopefully it attached to this blog entry).

I am at the beginning stages of forming some really awesome business partnerships with people I have known personally for some time now, so look for more information to trickle out via this blog along with my LinkedIn and Twitter postings.  Also, if you think I am worthy of it, I would truly appreciate if you could write a LinkedIn recommendation on your past interactions with me.  Even “likes”, “retweets”, and “favorites” help.

Thank you to all of you.  I really feel blessed in my life for this awesome opportunity.

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Kevin DeLong

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