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Our Mission

We believe every small business should have access to affordable marketing tools & services that bring them new lifelong customers.

  • All-In-One Sales & Marketing Software

  • Simple Social Media Management Software

  • Easy To Use E-commerce Software

  • Fast, Reliable, and Secure Web Hosting

  • Provide Done-For-You Marketing Services That Support Our Customers' Needs

Businesses are failing to attract new customers and as a result, have to close down in just a few short months. With AVAIRY automated marketing & sales solutions, you'll start reaching more people and turn them into happy, loyal customers.

Our Three Pieces For Successful Results

Marketing Strategy

To get where you are going, you have to know the destination. We build marketing plans that drive you to your goals of success!

Clear Messaging

You customers won't buy what they don't understand. Having clear messaging that outlines your customers' problem and your solution is critical.

Marketing Software

Imagine having your marketing software interact with your website & e-commerce... It CAN happen without using multiple tools. Ask how!

Our Story

Our Founder, Kevin DeLong, was frustrated with marketing that didn't work! He set out to help small businesses get more customers. To do this, he believes that effective communication should be the cornerstone of your marketing. Messaging should be short, and clearly define the problems your customers experience, and how your products can solve those problems. No jargon, or cute, over-bloated marketing campaigns.

Solving the marketing problem was easy with clear messaging, but the technology to deliver that messaging was a mess! So, we provide easy-to-use software that does both marketing AND sales!

So whether you want to manage your own marketing, or you need some help, AVAIRY Solutions can guide you to success!

Kevin DeLong, Founder

Some of Our Customers

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Avairy Solutions, LLC BBB Business Review


Avairy Solutions, LLC BBB Business Review

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We’re on a mission to deliver affordable marketing software & services to small business.