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AVAIRY Solutions has been making outstanding e-learning with awesome Engagement, Education, and Entertainment.  It just so happens that these are the key elements in creating a great social media strategy.  And, although we have been offering these services for some time now, we are announcing that AVAIRY Solutions is a full-service Social Media Marketing company.

We can hear the questions now from some of our followers that have known us for our Digital Forensics tips & tricks…  Mobile Forensics Experts, etc. This will not change.  Our Founder and CEO, Kevin DeLong has a passion for Digital Forensics and all things Cybercrime and technology-related.  We are adding to our offerings to continue to aid investigators in their high tech investigations.  In fact, we cater to this industry as we have come to realize the difficulty in marketing to those in our industry.

We have added more Digital Marketing Services and will continue to offer e-learning development. In fact, we have some exciting partnerships to announce in the near future in this arena, so keep an eye open for that major announcement.

Our formula for a successful Social Media Strategy is based off a concept we developed called the “Three E’s”.  Engage, Educate, and Entertain and then applying those 

Kevin DeLong

Kevin DeLong

About AVAIRY Solutions

We help businesses grow by using the human element combined with technology.

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