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Basic Mobile Forensics(BMF) Summary Basic Mobile Forensics is for examiners or investigators making the entry in to mobile phone forensics and need to learn the basics and best practices for collecting and investigating mobile phones. This course will cover everything from collecting the phone all the way to writing the report on the findings. Students will learn cellular technologies, radio isolation, where the evidence can be located, troubleshooting, data structures and the forensic tools in the market today along with real world, hands-on exercises. Multiple forensic tools will be utilized in class. Prerequisites To obtain the most from this course, you should meet the following requirements: Able to understand course material presented in English language. Perform basic computer operations. Have basic knowledge of digital forensics. Have basic understanding of Microsoft Windows environment. 50.00 02/02/2017 10/08/2017 4
Decryption Essentials(DE) Encryption is everywhere. This course will teach students to utilize free and open source tools to decrypt iTunes backups for both iOS 9 & 10, Android gesture and pass-codes, Android Full Disk Encryption, 1Password app, TrueCrypt and more. Students will also learn various cracking techniques, how to create word lists and how passwords are stored and encrypted. This is an essential course for any examiner dealing with encryption. Skill Level: Intermediate Duration: 2-Days Cost: $995.00 USD Delivery Methods: In-Person, On-Demand, Webinar Course 995.00 06/17/2017 05/17/2018 4
Truxton 101(TRUX101) This course will teach students the basics of using Truxton. Students should be able to complete the course in approx 8 hours. Students will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course. If students wish to take the Truxton Certified Examiner exam, it will be available at the successful completion of this course at no charge. 495.00 06/22/2017 09/28/2017 4
Truxton Certified Examiner(TRUXEX) This is an EXAM for the Truxton Certified Examiner certification. There are 30 questions that involve knowledge and practical skills. It is advised that you have the Truxton software installed and running prior to the exam. The case files are provided to you via download links in the Course Files section prior to the exam. You will have 1 hour to complete the exam. Upon successful completion, you will earn the Truxton Certified Examiner (TCE) that will be valid for 2 years. Prerequisite: You mush have taken the Truxton 101 course prior to this examination. 0.00 06/23/2017 06/23/2017 4
Python Pro-Scripter 0.00 06/28/2017 06/28/2017 4
Building a VirtualBox Forensic Machine(SUM-1) Virtual machines are a cost-effective way of increasing the investigative and examination capacity of your forensic lab. VirtualBox is a freely available virtualization platform that has all the main functionality of the pay tools. Learning how to build forensic workstations using VirtualBox allows you to limitlessly scale your examination systems, test systems, field systems and more. Virtual box offers a lot, however it does not have some of the “easy” buttons the pay tools have. This class walks you through the process of setting up a forensic workstation using VirtualBox and shows you the solutions to common obstacles. This class is geared towards computer forensic examiner’s that are new to VirtualBox or newer to the nuances of virtualized forensic workstations. In this class you’ll learn: How to create a forensic platform ready for operating system installation How to install an operating system on your virtual machine using a .ISO image (featuring Linux UBUNTU) How to successfully resolve screen size issues with VirtualBox How to successfully create SHARE directories between your host system and your virtual system How to turn on drag and drop features between your host system and your virtual system How to turn a Linux Ubuntu installation into a SIFT workstation 19.00 10/08/2017 10/08/2017 4
How to be like Steve This course will teach you how to be like Steve Whalen 100.00 10/08/2017 10/08/2017 8

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