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Starting this business back in January was the largest step in to the ‘uncomfortable zone’ I have taken in a long time. OK… it was the scary as hell zone. Although I am no stranger to business, running my own is an entirely different scenario. The many hats I wear from Business Development, Programmer, Content Development, Sales and now… Webmaster (hope you like the new site), has been an awesome learning experience. I have learned that business is a curvy road and the experiences you gain and the people you meet on that road are invaluable. #grateful

With that said, we are rebranding from AVAIRY Forensic Solutions to simply AVAIRY Solutions. Delivering forensic training has always been a passion, We have decided to take it to the next level and focus, not on our own trainings, but we will be developing immersive & interactive courses for customers along with providing a multitude of digital media services to the market. We will still offer the occasional workshop where we will share any cutting research and techniques with you. Like I said, training is a passion.

Traditional classrooms will always be a part of the learning process, but we are taking a full on charge at an immersed and interactive training through Augmented Reality(AG) & Virtual Reality(VR). These two items along with other E-Learning deliveries like Software Virtualization with HTML are the corner stone of future learning. What is ‘Virtualized Software’ you ask? This is where we take a software product and have it run on a website for training.  It becomes interactive to the user.  Imagine, potential customers being able to sample the product right on a website instantly. No demo to download…  you get the picture.  We will also utilize this for training development for interaction & immersion on a mobile device and anything that supports HTML.  This allows us to get really creative with training and media!

The focus on media allows us to expand our offerings through the individual components of the totality. We use state of the art sound technology like WhisperRoom, Sennheiser, Zoom and more when creating content and now can provide additional services like voices for video games, e-books, commercials, and other vocal promotions. The video aspect of our trainings provides marketing content for clients in the form of webinars, interviews, YouTube/Vimeo promotions, titles and bumpers through the use of FinalCut Pro, Motion and the list goes on. Take a look here at our full list of offerings here and you can see some samples of work here.

I am excited to usher in these additional services that AVAIRY Solutions can provide you and I look forward to seeing you at an event and enjoying these new innovations in the near future.

Kevin DeLong
Founder & Owner
AVAIRY Solutions


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