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Three tips to better your social media strategy

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Social Media Strategy

I know what you are thinking…  Why are there only three tips?  A simple Google search reveals a million results for a better social media strategy.  We like to keep it simple.  We use social media daily on a personal level.  We post pictures of our family, food, check-in at fantastic restaurants, and catch up on the latest family drama (we know it happens). We created our tips for a better social media strategy based on our habits and things we enjoy on social media.

Tips for a Better Social Media Strategy;

  • ENGAGE. As customers as well as a marketing company, we know what sort of posts we enjoy and which we tend to skip over. We LOVE engaging posts that are informative.  If we finish reading an article or quick blog post and say “Wow, I didn’t know that,” then we chuck that in the +1 list.  On the other hand, if we read a clear commercial that is only pushing us to a particular call-to-action as the only solution with no information, you guessed it, it goes in the -1 pile.  Keep it interesting without the sales pitch (well, too much of one).
  • EDUCATE. Customers become customers when they trust you, or your solution is best for their particular problem.  Hands down, the best way to get them to this point is education.  I have seen many blogs and many videos that are just commercials for social media.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be sold to (my wife and I purposely go into ninja mode at the car lot). Create short educational pieces.  If you are a photographer, tell them how to take the best picture with their smartphone.  A baker should show how to make a great tasting cupcake.  If you are selling fishing equipment, show your customers how to use it, and it will catch the “big one”.
  • ENTERTAIN. I don’t mean dance or sing (unless you can).  What I mean here is be yourself, tell a joke, show you are human and connect with your audience.  We like to be entertained by “real” people.  Don’t be something you are not.  If you play guitar, find a way to bring it into your video’s.  Sing to a product, create a quick tune for people to remember you or your very own jingle.  Whatever you do, do it in your posts.

It’s really not that difficult when we shorten it to three simple tips.  If you follow this simple advice, you will be well on the way to having a better social media strategy.

As a bonus, we created an infographic to help remind you of these tips.  Just click the social media strategy infographic to download it.

Kevin DeLong

Kevin DeLong

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